How To Get Pouty Lips

Pouty Lips

Pouty lips are one of modern society’s standards of beauty, with most women wanting to look like famous celebrities. The lips are some of your most prominent features, which is why many people pay attention to how they look. Fuller lips are also associated with being more feminine and sexy. While some women are lucky to have them naturally, others will need to resort to other ways to make them look plumper.

Unfortunately, thin lips are a sign of aging because, over time, lips lose their natural plumpness. This is also one of the reasons why many women are looking for ways to achieve full, pouty lips. Some people resort to surgery, but not only is this expensive and unnecessary, it might also look unnatural in the end. Fortunately, you can find alternative ways from this source.

  1. Exfoliation

Dry lips automatically look duller and thinner. In some cases, the simple solution is to exfoliate the upper and lower lip to remove any dullness or flakiness. Using gentle scrubs to exfoliate will scrub away all the dead skin cells and at the same time, improve circulation. This will make your lips look redder and fuller in turn.

  1. Using Lip Plumpers


There are some cosmetic products out there on the market that will make lips temporarily fuller. They have ingredients that lead to vasodilation or the widening of blood vessels. When applied to the lips, circulation is boosted so that the lips look voluminous and plump.

  1. Using Makeup

Make-up specialists know the right ways to achieve the appearance of fuller lips temporarily. If you have an event where you want to enhance your look, it is very easy to achieve with make-up. You only need a lip liner to define the lips and make them look fuller and bigger. Choose a lip pencil close to your natural color and line outer edges of the lips before filling them in with lipstick. Top it with gloss so that they look plumper.

  1. Opting For Lip Fillers

This is the perfect option for those who want fuller lips for a longer time. Filler injections are offered by many dermatologists so they are certainly safe. They are also increasingly popular among those who want that movie star pout. This is also the perfect option for those who are older and who have originally thinner lips. Go to your certified skin doctor to ask about fillers like Restylane, Perlane, and Juvederm.

These lip fillers use hyaluronic acid, which is a substance that is produced naturally by the body, so it is natural and safe. It is the perfect solution to restore or increase the volume of lips. There are also fewer side effects or allergic reactions to these products. These procedures are quick and can be done even during your lunch break, and you will not need any recovery time afterward. You can have them done and show up to work again easily after the procedure. You will also experience very little pain because they will apply numbing cream to your lips before injection.

  1. Going Natural

There are some natural lip plumpers which stimulate the lips to become fuller for a short period. They intentionally irritate the skin to make them swell. They would contain natural ingredients like ginger mint, cinnamon, capsaicin, or wintergreen, which will increase blood flow to the lips and make them look fuller.

  1. Taking Vitamins

Niacin and Vitamins are natural ingredients that help make lips look plump. They can be found in liquid form, making the capillaries in the lips expand. Normally, these capillaries are small and only one blood cell can pass through, but niacin makes them bigger and allows more blood cells to flow. This will stimulate the flow of blood to the lips and makes them look plump after just a few minutes.

If you have a special event where you want to look particularly eye-catching, here are the ways to give you pouty lips. Now you can make your movie star entrance and wow everyone with your full and plump lips.