Get Ripped With This Mass Gaining Diet Plan

Building muscles is no easy feat, and genetics will only get you so far. To maximize your chance of gaining muscles from your hard work in the gym turn to the right foods. Here is a list of foods to include in a mass gaining diet. These foods will surely boost your chances of getting in shape.

 Muscle Building Diet

Everyone knows that when it comes to building muscle, your diet is the cornerstone. Working out must be complemented by the right diet, or you will not experience the best results. This is why it is wise to eat foods for a muscle building diet. There are many supplements out there, but try eating a healthy mass gaining diet as well.

Here are some top foods for a mass gaining diet:

Egg Whites

Eggs are one of the best protein rich foods out there. Low in fat, but high in protein, these guys are sure to give you the energy you need to build muscles. Most of the proteins in eggs are readily used by your body, which further facilitates building muscles. Egg whites boast few carbs but are very high in nutrients.


The best tool you can use for muscle building is water. Don’t be under whelmed by its simplistic nature; water will help you gain loads. Your body is 70% water, and your muscles and blood contain water as well. Staying hydrated will not only help you gain muscle, it will help them look fuller. Water makes the transportation of nutrients to your muscles more efficient. Stay hydrated by drinking when you feel thirsty, and never letting yourself get dehydrated. The main idea is to listen to your body, and not go overboard with drinking water. Drinking to much water can result in death.

Red Meat

Lean red meats, such as lean beef, are great for a mass gaining diet. Lean red meat is high in protein, zinc, iron and B vitamins. Red meat is high in calories, making it perfect for someone who is serious about gaining. Because of the amount of saturated fats in red meats, keep your consumption in moderation. Lean red meats can be incorporated into a well rounded diet of other protein options like eggs and chicken.


When people think of body building, they tend to visualize meats and animal products. Did you know that vegetable sources of protein are great for a mass gaining diet as well? Beans are a great option because they are full of protein and fiber. Fiber is necessary for a muscle growth diet because it helps the body eliminate wastes and keeps your insulin response in check. Insulin response is needed for muscle growth and the absorption of nutrients from your foods. When you eat beans, always pair it with vitamin CVitamin C is essential foranti aging your skin, but also for absorbing iron from your meals.


Most healthy diets abhor fats, but fish is full of an essential fat. Stay away from saturated fat, but turn to fish because it is high in Omega-3 fatty acids. Omega-3 will aid in your muscle building quest and it is also great for healthy skin. Cold water fish, like salmon or tuna are good sources of omega-3. Keep in mind the many health benefits and protein fish provide. Eating fish will improve your whole body.

Sweet Potato

Besides protein, carbs are great for the energy that building muscles demand. Sweet potatoes will provide complex carbs to keep your system in balance. Sweet potatoes are also high in hyaluronic acid, to keep your joints and skin healthy. Sweet potatoes can make your muscles fuller and are a good addition to any mass gaining plan.


If you want to gain it is not all about protein, you must include veggies in your diet as well. Greens such as spinach and broccoli are recommended but you can also turn to asparagus. Asparagus is a top choice because of its high water content. Incorporate these greens into your diet and you will be doing your muscles a favor.

Put these foods into your diet, and you can’t go wrong! When you are building muscles there is another overlooked topic to think about: stretch marks. Be sure to check out these tips on using castor oil for reducing stretch marks. Learn more here on men’s skincare. Keeping your body in shape takes hard work and perseverance. These foods will help you get your body where you want to be.

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